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Hungary situated in the geographic center of old Europe have been played as border state of european and asian cultures, and for centuries shielded the european christianity against the djihad of offensive islamic empires.
Presently, as a part of the European Union enjoys the advantages of being the member of a densely populated federal state, but being an ex-socialist country, has more lower prices and wages than in the western european states.
Are you looking for an european location for your production? You needn’t look for any more. Except jungles and deserts each kind of landscape can be found here! A production set in europe can find on the territory of historic Hungary every kind of landscape that old Europe contains: great plains on the Alföld, romantic, castle-spotted hills in Transdanubia and Slovenia, mild archipelago with shallow lakes around lake Balaton, skyscraping, rocky mountains in Transylvania, mediterranean towns enclosed with walls in Dalmatia. To get any of these wonderful scenes , you don’t need more time than 6-8 hours from the capital city of Budapest having very strong film -making traditons in Europe.
Most beautiful territories in Hungary or in the surrounding states like Slovenia, Croatia, Romania and Slovakia can be reached fast from BUDAPEST
Budapest Highlands Slovenia, Midlands, Transdanubia Transsylvania Seashore The Great Plain