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The Korda Studios

-Four sound stages of the Euros 91 million ($124 million) budgeted movie-making facility are now open for business.

-60,000 sq. ft. wet "super stage" which will boast headroom of 65 ft. and the option of the world's largest indoor water tank (40,000 sq. ft.)

-According to analysts one of the most technically sophisticated film studios in central Europe.

-The studios are named after Hungarian-born filmmaker Alexander Korda, who built England's Denham Studios in the 1930s and is credited with reviving Britain's depressed pre-World War II film industry (he was knighted by Britain's King George VI in 1942 for his services to the film industry). When completed in early 2008, the new studios at Eytek will boast the world's largest indoor water tank, with graduated depths of up to 20 feet and a clear height of 65 feet.

-The studios are the brainchild of locally born property magnate Sandor Demjan, who owns the hillside and much of the land around it. Investors in the $127 million Korda Studios include Demjan, Hungarian-born Hollywood producer Andrew Vajna, financier Nathaniel Rothschild and Canadian businessman Peter Munk.
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