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According to the Associated Press, (AP-NY-10-26-96 1604EDT) people with some claim to Hungarian ancestry have been nominated for Oscars 136 times since 1929, when the first ones were handed out, and have taken home 30 of the golden statuettes. There's an old joke from the '30s about a sign on a movie studio wall reading "It's not enough to be Hungarian. You have to have talent." The joke refers to how a relatively small country had such an impact on the history of the movies. Another sign above MGM's commissary wrote: "Just because you're Hungarian, doesn't mean you're a genius!"




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Hungarians in Hollywood

ADOLF CUKOR- Producer and  Founder of the Paramount Pictures Empire and Loew's Theatres.
VILMOS FUCHS (WILLIAM FOX)  -Producer and Hollywood Mogul - Founder of Fox Studios. Fox invented the global media newsgathering organization emulated today by CNN, BBC, ITN, DW and others. Fox secured his place in history by commercializing talking pictures and then introducing a larger movie screen.
ANDY VAJNA - Producer, Hollywood Legend: President of Cinergi Productions, co-Founder of Carolco Pictures. Carolco made motion picture history when it introduced a new cinematic hero, Rambo. Other Carolco projects include Music Box, Total Recall, Air America and Jacob's Ladder. Other films include Die Hard: With a Vengeance, Terminator, Color of Night, Judge Dredd, The Scarlett Letter, Oliver Stone's Nixon, Evita etc.
GEORGE CUKOR - Double Oscar Winning Director
MIKLÓS RÓZSA -Triple Oscar Winning Film Composer (  The Thief of Bagdad (1940)., The Jungle Book (1942)   Spellbound (1945)  Julius Caesar (1953), Ben-Hur (1959) and  El Cid (1961)
GABOR CSUPO -Co-founder of Klasky-Csupo, one of the world's leading independent animation studios, Founder of Tone Casualties, Musician. 5 EMMYS and 2 CABLE ACE Awards -   produced Rugrats and the Simpsons
BELA LUGOSI- Actor - The Original Dracula!
TONY CURTIS -Oscar-Nominated Actor, Artist, and  Hollywood Legend!
PAUL NEWMAN - Oscar Winning Actor - Eight Oscar Nominations!
MIHALY KERTESZ (MICHAEL CURTIZ) - Oscar Winning Director of "Casablanca"
CHARLES A. CSURI - "Father of Digital Art!"
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