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Hungary has a continental , with cold, cloudy, humid winters and hot, torrid summers. Average annual temperature is 10.7 °C (52.5 °F). Temperature extremes are about 42 °C (110 °F) in the summer and −29 °C (−20 °F) in the winter. Average temperature in the summer is 27 to 35 °C (81 to 95 °F), and in the winter it is 0 to −15 °C (32 to 5 °F). The average yearly rainfall is approximately 600 millimetres (24 in). The southern region of the country near Pécs enjoys a reputation for a Mediterranean climate.
As the present territory of the state is a collection of vineyard-covered mild hills, fertile greens, swallow lakes and half deserts, historic Hungary has more romantic landscapes from the wild coasts of Adrian Sea to the peaks of Magas Tatra and Carpathian Alps breaking up to 2800 m ( 8200 feet) high...
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